PNL’s Dr. Halil Kavak participated as a judge in USC’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Annual Student Research Symposium

PNL staff members Dr. Ian A. Webster and Dr. Nariman Nourbakhsh were invited to participate and speak at The Solar Qatar Summit 2014, in Doha, Qatar, supported by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation. Their presentation on behalf of PV Navigator, LLC, focused on the need for strategic facility-location planning to go hand in hand with ambitious plans to develop a PV solar power platform to power Qatar, meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and complement what will eventually be, declining oil and gas reserves. The talk drew upon PVN’s experiences and capabilities in the USA in developing MW scale PV installations on closed landfills and brownfield sites. The need to use land judiciously and sustainably in Qatar for PV development is driven by limited land availability to host MW-scale projects. Some project sites were proposed in the PNL talk.