Project Navigator, Ltd. Participates in “Brightfields” Panel at California Land Recycling Conference, Carson, CA, October 24 & 25, 2018

PNL’s Dr. Ian Webster presented and participated in a panel discussion about the development of solar power installations on Brownfield sites at this major event hosted by CCLR, U.S. EPA and DTSC. Panel participants included representatives from U.S. EPA Region 9, and Southern California’s new local community choice power provider in the Clean Power Alliance ( The panel’s discussion deck is here. Ian described a site-reuse vision, where in contrast to large acreage, remotely located, multi-megawatt solar projects; smaller, single-MW capacity solar developments on urban brownfield sites and landfills would feed a distributed urban microgrid. Ian can be contacted at or 714-863-0483.

Project Navigator, Ltd. Presents at AEHS Annual Conference in San Diego

Project Navigator, Ltd.’s Robert Fritz presented a poster on solar facilities on landfills, brownfields and Superfund sites at the March 2018 AEHS Winter Meeting in San Diego, CA.

PNL works with our sister company TerraNavigator, LLC on the conception, planning and development of utility scale solar power projects on landfill sites. For example, see here, for a 3 MW, 15-acre, solar power project which PNL and TN planned, designed, permitted and constructed on the County of San Bernardino’s Milliken Landfill in Ontario, CA.

Our poster at the AEHS meeting highlighted the combination of skill sets (environmental, civil, and electrical engineering) which are required, and exist within PNL, to bring such projects to fruition.

PNL and PVN develop 3 MW solar installation at former Owens Corning Landfill in Gloucester Township, NJ

Project Navigator, Ltd. working in association with sister solar power development firm, PVNavigator, LLC, and Marina Energy, LLC of South Jersey Industries (Folsom, NJ) has developed and commissioned the operation of a 3 MW PV solar power installation on a former Owens Corning landfill site in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. Combining PNL’s knowledge and expertise on the reuse and repurposing of closed landfills, with sister PVN’s expertise in solar power installation interconnection, permitting, and design allowed an early project concept to become reality over a period of four years. See more here.

Solar development by PNL and PVN atop Milliken Sanitary Landfill now operational

Project Navigator, Ltd., and sister company PVNavigator, celebrate the Commercial Operation Date of their utility scale solar development atop the County of San Bernardino’s closed Milliken Sanitary Landfill in Ontario, CA. The 3.1 MW PV solar project is now generating the equivalent of 500 homes of renewable energy, selling power under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to Southern California Edison (SCE). More is here.

PVNavigator, LLC is in the process of selecting an EPC contractor to design and build a 3MW solar PV installation at Milliken Landfill in Ontario, CA

PVNavigator, LLC is in the process of selecting an EPC contractor to complete design and build out PVN’s 3MW photovoltaic solar power installation on the top deck of the Milliken Landfill in Ontario, CA. The recent job-walk is described here. PVN intends to have the facility operational by Q3, 2016, and will subsequently operate the power plant with power sales under a 20-year PPA to Southern California Edison (SCE). More details on PVN, and this project are at Project Navigator, Ltd. in its role as a remediation site project management firm helps source, solar-possible sites, to PVN.

PNL’s Dr. Halil Kavak participated as a judge in USC’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Annual Student Research Symposium

PNL staff members Dr. Ian A. Webster and Dr. Nariman Nourbakhsh were invited to participate and speak at The Solar Qatar Summit 2014, in Doha, Qatar, supported by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation. Their presentation on behalf of PV Navigator, LLC, focused on the need for strategic facility-location planning to go hand in hand with ambitious plans to develop a PV solar power platform to power Qatar, meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and complement what will eventually be, declining oil and gas reserves. The talk drew upon PVN’s experiences and capabilities in the USA in developing MW scale PV installations on closed landfills and brownfield sites. The need to use land judiciously and sustainably in Qatar for PV development is driven by limited land availability to host MW-scale projects. Some project sites were proposed in the PNL talk.

PVNavigator, LLC (PVN) has received conditional approvals from New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities for the development of a 3.9MW photovoltaic installation on the Somerdale Landfill in New Jersey

PVNavigator, LLC has received conditional approvals from New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to design, build and operate a 3.9MW (DC) racked PV solar power installation at the Owens Corning’s closed Somerdale Landfill (300 Somerdale Road, Gloucester, NJ 08083) in Camden County. The Board’s actions, together with an earlier NJ Department of Environmental Protections (NJDEP) approval of a landfill closure and PV solar, post closure use permit, paves the way for PVN to start design activities on the project.

PVNavigator has completed pilot testing a PV solar racking system on the cap of a closed Superfund landfill site in Los Angeles, CA

The work was funded by the California Energy Commission. The final report evaluated the performance of a solar racking system at the closed Operating Industries Incorporated (OII) Landfill in Monterrey Park, California a suburb in Los Angeles County located 15 miles southeast from Downtown. The system was placed at the landfill for over a year to assess its power performance and to assess its effect on the stability on the landfill cover. Geotechnical data collected during the project demonstrated that the solar racking system did not adversely affect the integrity of the landfill cover. The vegetation growth under the solar racking system was only slightly affected. No cap penetration was caused by the footings of the solar racking system. The results from this study indicated that a solar racking system on a closed large landfill is a feasible renewable alternative.

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