Malone Service Company Superfund Site RD/RA

PNL provides Project Coordination and Construction Management services on behalf of the Malone Cooperating Parties for the Malone Service Company Superfund Site in Texas City, Texas. ENTACT is the EPA-approved General Contractor/Engineer, and Geosyntec has provided engineering services for the design of the RCRA Subtitle C Equivalent Landfill. The Remedial Action includes design/construction of a 30-acre RCRA Landfill to contain approximately 200K cubic yards of impacted soils and 285K cubic yards of solidified hydrocarbon based sludge. The Remedial Action is currently ongoing and approximately 80% complete with final completion expected in June of 2017. Once the Remedial Action is completed, PNL will continue to provide Project Coordination services and will oversee O&M activities, such as groundwater monitoring, leachate management/disposal, and maintenance of the 30-acre closed landfill.