PVNavigator, LLC (PVN) has entered into a power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, for a 3MW photovoltaic installation at the Milliken Landfill in Ontario, California

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL), via its solar power projects development group, PVNavigator, LLC (PVN), has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Southern California Edison (SCE) for a 3MW (AC) solar photovoltaic (PV) facility to be located at the closed Milliken Sanitary Landfill located in Ontario, CA. The power generated from the facility will be sold under the terms of the PPA for a period of 20 years. The Milliken Landfill Solar project will assist the utility in meeting their renewable energy portfolio goals. When online, the project will be the only renewable, commercial-scale solar development on a closed municipal landfill in Ontario.

More on PVN’s solar projects and capabilities can be found at pvnavigatorllc.com and this news article from AltEnergyMag.com.

PVNavigator has completed pilot testing a PV solar racking system on the cap of a closed Superfund landfill site in Los Angeles, CA

The work was funded by the California Energy Commission. The final report evaluated the performance of a solar racking system at the closed Operating Industries Incorporated (OII) Landfill in Monterrey Park, California a suburb in Los Angeles County located 15 miles southeast from Downtown. The system was placed at the landfill for over a year to assess its power performance and to assess its effect on the stability on the landfill cover. Geotechnical data collected during the project demonstrated that the solar racking system did not adversely affect the integrity of the landfill cover. The vegetation growth under the solar racking system was only slightly affected. No cap penetration was caused by the footings of the solar racking system. The results from this study indicated that a solar racking system on a closed large landfill is a feasible renewable alternative.

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