Environmental Project Management Activities: 2010 to 2011 Summary

Many projects which had been in the planning stages in the mid to late 2000’s were significantly advanced, some even into and through remedial actions. In all the following projects PNL staff were deeply embedded and functioned in a remedy-influencing role, while at the same time, promoting a health and safety operating culture.

Cox Road Landfill, by Houston, Texas: PNL’s Houston office staff managed all aspects of the closure program for this former hazardous waste disposal site. The site was administratively placed into TCEQ’s Voluntary Closure Program. During 2010 PNL managed the PRP Group’s site assessment programs, which lead to the formulation of a containment and capping remedy. PNL managed all aspects of the EPC selection program, before moving into a construction management oversight role during the remedy constriction phase in 2011.

Patrick Bayou Superfund Site, by Houston, Texas: PNL manages all PRP response efforts at this impacted sediments site which connects into the Houston Ship Channel. An RI/FS is underway.

Malone Superfund Site, Texas City, Texas: PNL has managed all RI/FS activities at this 60 acre former waste disposal facility since 2007. With remedy selection occurring in 2011, the PNL team, on behalf of the PRP Group, has now selected an EPC resource, which we will now oversee and manage through the next few years of remedial actions. Remedy tasks will primarily include stabilization of 100Ks of cubic yards of oily sludges, for eventual onsite disposal in lined containment cells.

Newark Bay, New Jersey: PNL performs as Project Manager for a group of EPA generally noticed parties, who are interacting with another entity who is performing the site wide RI/FS on the 8 square mile Bay. The RI is collecting information on the extent of sediments impacts. PNL reviews and comments on plans and work products.

Southern California Groundwater Sites: PNL staff are assisting clients at 2 major groundwater assessment, remediation and litigation events. While confidential the work involves the compilation, interpretation and visualization of vast groundwater and soils lithology databases. At each site PNL is preparing a site conceptual model to explain the extent of impacts and the ongoing transport phenomena.

In addition to the above projects PNL staff continue our project management duties on behalf of PRP Groups at other major project sites such as Ascon Landfill (Huntington Beach, CA), Purity Oil Sales Superfund Site (Fresno, CA), BKK Landfill (West Covina, CA), Waste Disposal Inc Superfund Site (Santa Fe Springs, CA) and the Operating Industries Landfill Superfund Site (Monterey Park, CA).