Erin Brockovich revisits Hinkley and interviews IRP Manager

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL), as the Independent Review Panel (IRP) Manager for PG&E’s Hinkley Groundwater Remediation Project, was interviewed by Erin Brockovich and featured on ABC News 20/20. Raudel Sanchez, Ph.D., of PNL summarized to Ms. Brockovich on the progress of the groundwater remediation activities undertaken by PG&E to date and the community outreach efforts involved to educate the community on the technical aspects of the project.

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More information on PNL’s role as the Hinkley Site IRP Manager is here.

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Cr(VI) Background Study Update for Hinkley Groundwater Remediation Project

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) has been facilitating outreach to the Hinkley Community focusing recently on the findings from USGS’s ongoing Cr6 Background Study. With the expectation of a final report by 2020, Community members have been learning of the multiple causes of Cr6 concentrations in groundwater.

Hinkley residents gathered in April, 2019 at the Hinkley Community Center to listen to presentations by PNL’s Dr. Raudel Sanchez, and USGS’s Dr. John Izbicki covering, respectively, the overall status of PG&E’s Cr6 groundwater remediation program, and the Background Study. Representatives from the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) also made comments.

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Hinkley 2017 Summary Update

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) performs as the Independent Review Panel (IRP) Manager at PG&E’s Cr(VI) groundwater remediation project in Hinkley, CA. The IRP Manager’s role is one of technical outreach, communication and facilitation within the myriad of project stakeholders; who range from PG&E, to the Water Board, to individual community members, seeking technical information. Newsletters prepared by PNL are issued to the Hinkley Community bimonthly, and contain project technical information, frequently asked questions, notices of upcoming meetings, office hours, and Community announcements. Click here to see the latest version of the newsletter.

PNL staff brief the Hinkley Community at quarterly meetings at the Hinkley Senior and Community Center. PNL also holds office hours three times each month, providing residents the opportunity to ask questions regarding the large and groundwater remediation efforts, and a PG&E-funded, but independently managed, separate USGS groundwater investigation. PNL in Hinkley has a dedicated library with all the necessary visual information to explain each aspect of PG&E’s Remediation Program and the USGS Cr(VI) Background Study. Click here for an image of the IRP Manager’s back room library. The USGS Study will determine the natural level(s) of Cr(VI) in groundwater throughout the Hinkley Valley. Regular Technical Exchange meetings are led by PNL staff.

PNL staff continue their support of Hinkley Community outreach and technical communications

PNL staff members Dr. Raudel Sanchez and Dr. Halil Kavak continue their support of Hinkley Community outreach and technical communications concerning PG&E’s Chromium-6 (Cr-VI) groundwater remediation program in Hinkley, CA. PNL’s activities include Community presentations, topic-specific technical guidance to Community members, and the distribution of a newsletter. More is at

PNL is also part of the project’s Technical Working Group, wherein USGS is studying groundwater and geophysical conditions in the Hinkley Valley in order to establish background concentrations of Cr-VI. Such information will subsequently be used by the Water Board to set final remediation targets.

PNL staff continue to assist all stakeholders on the Hinkley Chromium-6 Groundwater Remediation Program

Project Navigator, Ltd staff continue to assist the Hinkley Community, Community leaders, California Regional Water Quality Control Board-Lahontan Region, and PG&E in performing technical outreach and communication regarding PG&E’s chromium-6 groundwater remediation program at over 3000 acres in the Hinkley Community to the west of Barstow, California.

Notable recent events included a PNL presentation describing a long term sustainable remedy-driven vision for the future of Hinkley, and poster presentations by Barstow High School students on the Hinkley groundwater situation.

A more comprehensive list of project updates can be found at PNL’s project-specific website at

Building trust via technical outreach at a complex project: PG&E’s Chromium-6 Groundwater Remediation Program

PNL’s Dr. Ian A. Webster will discuss his recent work at PG&E’s chromium-6 groundwater remediation project in Hinkley, California at the March, 2014 National Meeting of AEHS in San Diego. Ian serves as a PG&E sponsored technical and project management resource to the Hinkley community. Duties include technical and regulatory interpretation, and community education.

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PNL describes Community technical activities on the PG&E chromium-6 groundwater plume to the Lahontan Water Board

A Project Navigator, Ltd. staff team continues to support the Community of Hinkley in their understanding of the technical issues surrounding PG&E’s planning and remediation activities on the clean up of Hinkley’s chromium-6 groundwater plume. PNL staff recently provided a technical update at a July 17, 2013 meeting of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Lahontan Region in Barstow, CA. PNL’s role in the project together with extensive background and interactive plume maps also appeared in local media and can be found at