Project Navigator, Ltd. Participates in “Brightfields” Panel at California Land Recycling Conference, Carson, CA, October 24 & 25, 2018

PNL’s Dr. Ian Webster presented and participated in a panel discussion about the development of solar power installations on Brownfield sites at this major event hosted by CCLR, U.S. EPA and DTSC. Panel participants included representatives from U.S. EPA Region 9, and Southern California’s new local community choice power provider in the Clean Power Alliance ( The panel’s discussion deck is here. Ian described a site-reuse vision, where in contrast to large acreage, remotely located, multi-megawatt solar projects; smaller, single-MW capacity solar developments on urban brownfield sites and landfills would feed a distributed urban microgrid. Ian can be contacted at or 714-863-0483.

Project Navigator, Ltd. Presents at AEHS Annual Conference in San Diego

Project Navigator, Ltd.’s Robert Fritz presented a poster on solar facilities on landfills, brownfields and Superfund sites at the March 2018 AEHS Winter Meeting in San Diego, CA.

PNL works with our sister company TerraNavigator, LLC on the conception, planning and development of utility scale solar power projects on landfill sites. For example, see here, for a 3 MW, 15-acre, solar power project which PNL and TN planned, designed, permitted and constructed on the County of San Bernardino’s Milliken Landfill in Ontario, CA.

Our poster at the AEHS meeting highlighted the combination of skill sets (environmental, civil, and electrical engineering) which are required, and exist within PNL, to bring such projects to fruition.

PVN Discusses Solar on Landfills in OKC Brownfields 2012 Panel Discussion

PVN participated in the Oklahoma Brownfields Conference 2012 held in Oklahoma City, OK on May 22-23, 2012. Dr. Ian Webster of PNL discussed developing landfill based, PV solar power installations during an opening day plenary roundtable discussion. The panel was hosted by Robert Colangelo of Chicago’s Green Sense Radio Show. Other panelists were Marielle Boortz of Chevron Corp., Marianne Horinko, a former Acting Administrator at U.S. EPA, and Mike Sheriff Head of Generation Planning at OG&E Services.

Project Navigator, Ltd. has entered into an option agreement with the County of San Bernardino to evaluate solar development at Big Bear Sanitary Landfill



Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL), via its solar power projects development group, PVNavigator (PVN), has entered into a lease option agreement with the County of San Bernardino to evaluate and explore the development of a photovoltaic (PV) solar facility at the closed Big Bear Sanitary Landfill located in Big Bear, CA. The facility is planned to be sized at 2 MW (AC). Power is expected to be sold to the local Big Bear utility to assist the utility meet its renewable portfolio goals. When online, the project will be the only renewable, commercial-scale solar development in the San Bernardino Mountains.

PNL has fourteen years of experience in the reuse of closed landfills. These capabilities have been integrated with PNL�s more recently developed solar power expertise, under PVNavigator, to negotiate, engineer, finance and construct small-scale, landfill-located, distributed solar power projects nationwide.

Ian Webster, Sc.D., president of PNL, commented, “This project moves us one step closer to our goals of developing renewable, solar energy solutions on brownfields and urban-located closed landfills that are otherwise deemed as unusable land.” PVN will manage all phases of the Big Bear PV solar project including design, permitting, financing and implementation.

The landfill solar project will deliver a local, green source of power to the mountain community, while preserving land resources. With the site control option agreement in place, PNL will now enter into work on three fronts; namely, an interconnect application, CEQA compliance and power marketing.

About Project Navigator, Ltd.

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL), and its solar power development operating entity, PVNavigator (PVN), is a Southern California-based developer of distributed, utility scale, solar photovoltaic projects. For more information, visit or

Download our Big Bear solar development brochure.

Dr. Ian Webster Represented Project Navigator, Ltd. at the National Brownfields Association Atlanta 2010 Meeting on March 24 & 25

Dr. Ian Webster represented Project Navigator, Ltd. at the National Brownfields Association’s Atlanta 2010 Meeting on March 24 & 25. Ian was a member of a panel session covering Re-Powering America’s Land: Renewable Energy on Contaminated Sites.

Ian described PNL’s business plan which entails the siting, design and financing of small scale, distributed solar facilities on Superfund or brownfield sites. PNL has assembled a portfolio of project opportunities. Many of these projects stem from the company’s core business of Superfund site management. The business concept is described here, and the full slide deck can be downloaded here.

PNL Talks About Facilitating Land Conveyance in Brownfields Projects using Innovative GIS and Visualization Techniques at AEHS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA March 15 -18

Project Navigator, Ltd. has developed a rigorous protocol for the GIS-enabled screening of Brownfield sites. The system allows sites to be prioritized in the queue for reuse. Click here for poster.

Project Navigator, Ltd. Discusses Solar Power Opportunities on Brownfield Sites at National Brownfield Association Meeting in Sacramento

PNL’s Ian Webster discussed how solar facilities can be sited on Brownfield Sites at NBA’s Sacramento Meeting on January 14, 2010. The talk discussed how smaller, urban-located PV facilities, which are close to transmission and load, can be more quickly permitted, financed brought online, than larger competing facilities located in the desert southwest. Webster gave examples of projects which PNL is pursuing.

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