Ascon Landfill Site Final Remedy Construction to Begin January 2019

Project Navigator’s Ascon Landfill Site team has secured the proper approvals to move ahead on the final remedy for this 38-acre former oil waste landfill. These approvals included DTSC approval of the Remedial Action Plan, DTSC certification of the Environmental Impact Report, and City of Huntington Beach Planning Commission approvals of the required Coastal Development Permit and Conditional Use Permit. Project Navigator, Ltd. will be participating in a community meeting during December to educate neighbors and other stakeholders about the remedy and the safeguards that will be taken to minimize any impacts to the community. Construction is scheduled to begin in early January, 2019.

Ascon 2017 Summary Update

  • DTSC approved the remedial design in May 2017 for the final remedy
  • Completed Lagoon 5 solidification in November 2017 – solidification of drilling mud in Lagoon 5 to enable abandonment of two oil wells
  • Currently in abandonment phase for the abandonment of two oil wells dating back to the 1920s
  • Final remedy will begin after oil well abandonment is completed and after securing needed permits

Update on the Ascon Landfill Site

Project Navigator, Ltd. project managers continue to assist the Ascon Landfill Site PRP Group with work on key project phases and overall site interim management and monitoring. The Ascon Site, located in Huntington Beach, CA, operated as a 38 acre waste disposal site, accepting drilling muds and associated wastes for over a 45 year time frame. PNL is simultaneously managing two major documents in the CEQA process, the remedy EIR and the Remedial Action Plan, to completion.