Waste Disposal, Inc. Superfund Site

Location Santa Fe Springs, CA Regulatory Jurisdiction EPA Region 9

Example of a local landfill site, now ready for reuse, whose assessment and capping was entirely managed by PNL staff

PNL Role
Worked to eliminate excavation remedy. Remedy is capping and bioventing. Effective communication with all stakeholders. Innovative graphical representation of solution to create common vision of the containment remedy. Expedited remedy by 18 months via Design/Build process.

PNL is the Project Oversight Manager / Coordinator for 38- acre Waste Disposal Inc. (WDI) Superfund Site located in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

PNL’s key responsibilities include representing the Responsible Parties on all technical and engineering matters, including remedy and scope negotiations with EPA and DTSC.

The final remedy at WDI was competed in 2006 and consisted of the construction of a 20- acre Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C-Equivalent and RCRA Subtitle D Equivalent Covers. The cap was fitted with a passive gas collection system.

PNL staff managed all contractual and infield construction oversight activities for the responsible party clients.

Other components of the final remedy consisted of gas migration control system, liquid monitoring/control system, soil gas monitoring system, groundwater monitoring system and a stormwater monitoring systems.

PNL managed the preparation of the remedy design (plans, specifications and a design report) and conducted a cost evaluation of an evaporative (mono) soil cover vs. a GCL cover for the RCRA C and D areas of the site. The LA RWQCB was a participant in remedy selection negotiations.

PNL currently manages all OM&M activities consisting of groundwater monitoring, soil vapor air monitoring, in-business air, sub-slab monitoring, liquid collection and reporting to regulatory agencies. During the OM&M phase at the Site, PNL has been able to reduce the cost of OM&M activities by 50 percent using an adaptive management approach. PNL was able to reduce groundwater sampling, vapor probe sampling, in-business air sampling, leachate collection activities and reporting requirements. PNL is also working with the RP Group, EPA, and a Developer to redevelop the Site into an e-commerce facility that will further reduce the OM&M cost another 20 percent.