Tex Tin Superfund Site

Location Texas City, TX Regulatory Jurisdiction EPA Region 6

Former WWII tin smelter remediated for beneficial reuse

PNL Role
Developed a fast-track, streamlined Design/Build approach. Approach saved $10MM. Project schedule was reduced by 5 months. Worked to build excellent relationship with City and EPA. Tailored area-by-area remedy, where solution matched long-term development goals.

Project Navigator, Ltd. is the Project Coordinator for the Tex Tin Superfund Site in Texas City, Texas, a 140-acre former tin and copper smelter. Tex Tin hosted the only tin smelter operating in the US during WWII. PNL managed the remediation, which included demolition of dilapidated buildings, treatment of smelter slag and metal impacted soil, acidic water treatment, pond closure, cap and cover of impacted soils, radioactive material control, and installation of a cut-off wall and installation of and phytoremediation system for hydraulic controls. The remedy also involved waste and scrap recycling, control of dust containing lead, arsenic, asbestos and radioactive materials.

Sale of the site was concluded in 2005 to developers after receiving an EPA “Ready for Reuse Determination. The site is being developed as a petroleum product terminal and as a support facility for the Texas City refinery complex. PNL continues to manage the project, coordinating O&M activities on behalf of the site settling parties. To ensure compliance with the site standards and to maintain the integrity of the remedy, PNL has provided oversight for subsequent site infrastructure work that require coordination with the PRP group, EPA, the site owners and the companies performing the work.