Purity Oil Sales Superfund Site

Location Malaga, CA Regulatory Jurisdiction EPA Region 9

7-acre oil recycling facility where PNL was the project coordinator overseeing the Remedial Action

PNL Role
Project Navigator, Ltd. acted as the Project Coordinator for the Remedial Action taking place in 2006 and 2007. Also responsible for control of all site documents including review, and performs field oversight of the Remedial Action (i.e., excavation, neutralization, and backfill of sludge). The field oversight included review of construction and quality control activities, and Health and Safety for all site contractors.

Purity Oil Sales is a 7-acre, former used-oil recycling facility, federal Superfund site in Malaga, California (Fresno County). It is a high-profile site located adjacent to commercial properties and situated above a sole-source groundwater aquifer. PNL coordinated all work for the remediation of the site, including the following:

  • Completed construction of OU-2 low-permeability cap in June 2008
  • Initiated OU-1 ERD pilot study in September 2008
  • Conducted soil vapor investigations in January, February, and September 2008 in preparation of the OU-2 soil vapor extraction pilot study
  • Submitted OU-2 Remedial Action Completion Report to EPA in October 2008
  • Submitted OU-2 Soil Vapor Pilot Study work plan to EPA in October 2008
  • Submitted OU-2 O&M manual to EPA in November 2008

Stakeholder Relations

  • Project communication via weekly construction meetings and monthly technical exchange meetings were held with EPA, Tetra Tech (EPA’s oversight agency), and the project team
  • Online document repository for archiving and organizing all project submittals
  • Weekly photograph progress reports were prepared for the benefit of stakeholders