PAB Oil & Chemical Service, Inc. Superfund Site

Location Abbeville, LA Regulatory Jurisdiction EPA Region 6

Gulf Coast project where PNL assisted the potentially responsible parties to assess, design and construct the remedy

PNL Role
PNL is responsible for operation and maintenance, groundwater sampling, capping and site perimeter maintenance.  Throughout O&M, PNL has negotiated a reduction in groundwater sampling frequencies and number of monitoring wells sampled.

The PAB Oil site in Abbeville, LA is an 18-acre Federal Superfund site consisting of capped waste areas and a clean closed salt water pond. PNL negotiated, engineered and managed the site stabilization remedy for the responsible parties. PNL currently manages the operations & management of the site as it approaches its fith 5-year review scheduled for 2022. O&M activities include monitoring groundwater conditions, site maintenance, yearly site and cap inspections, reporting, procurement, and oversight.

Technical Milestones

  • The former oil field waste site is through its fifth 5-year review.
  • The site is in O&M with reduction in monitoring
  • The site groundwater will be sampled two times prior to the next 5-year review.
  • The cap is mowed twice per year and the site perimeter cleared and maintained.

Stakeholder Relations

  • The PAB LLC meets as needed to address technical and legal issues. The last group meeting was held in 2018.