Operating Industries, Inc. Superfund Site

Location Monterey Park, CA Regulatory Jurisdiction EPA Region 9

Largest, most complex landfill cap and gas system remediation project managed in California

PNL Role

The North Parcel (NP) design(s) (for both environmental-only & integrated remedies) were completed in 2007. PNL made a significant contribution to both designs, especially adding value by bringing the designs to life with our 3D visual tools.

PNL continued to work with New Cure, Inc. (NCI) to manage operations and development at OII, including preparations to build a retail development, “The Cascades,” on the northern parcel of the site. Operations and maintenance at the site included repair of erosion damage from record winter rainfall and repair of roadways and slopes damaged by refuse settling. Ian Webster, PNL President, was retained as Interim President for NCI to help manage the many initiatives brought about by the development and the complicated relations with EPA and the site’s many Responsible Parties.

Over the past 20 years, Project Navigator, Ltd. staff have been instrumental in managing and driving the technical and strategic closure of the challenging and problematic OII CERCLA site by the 60-Freeway. PNL’s management of negotiations, engineering and construction activities was performed for a group of more than 80 Responsible Parties who had previously disposed of wastes at the landfill from 1948 to 1984. Total costs to date (past and future) are estimated to be about $800 million. About $200 million of these costs were under the direct supervision of PNL personnel.

For example, from 1996 to 2000, PNL led the technical negotiations with US EPA and subsequently managed the $150 million design and construction program on the 145-acre landfill South parcel as President of the PRPs’ Cleanup Organization called New Cure. Part of the engineering for the OII landfill included construction of a 3MW electrical power generation station from landfill gas combustion.

Later, PNL undertook a similar mission for the design and construction of a cap for a 10-acre portion of the North Parcel.

The work in this area was complex since the North Parcel acreage has retail development potential, resulting in the PRPs funding the construction of a cap and waste containment remedy over which vertical development can occur. Landfill waste was found within the Caltrans right-of–way (ROW) along the 60-Freeway. Removal of the waste from the Caltrans ROW necessitated acquiring a permit from Caltrans and surgically removing and segregating discovered WWII munitions waste.