MAR Services Oilfield Site

Location Cankton, LA Regulatory Jurisdiction Department of Natural Resources

Gulf Coast project where PNL assisted the potentially responsible parties to assess, design and construct the remedy

PNL Role
Project Navigator’s work included coordination of the site investigation, remedy negotiations with Louisiana DNR, community relations, conceptual design, and then construction management of a remedy involving deep soil mixing, reagent addition and installation of a groundwater monitor well network.

MAR Services was a former commercial nonhazardous oilfield waste disposal facility regulated under LA State Statute 29B. The facility operated from the 1940s to the 1980s servicing the Bosco and Cankton oil fields and received tank bottoms,  drilling fluid, and other production waste. Project Navigator, Ltd., assisted the PRPs to assess, design and construct the remedy which included demolition of five 20,000 bbl sludge-filled storage tanks, piping and facility appurtenance removal, in-situ treatment and soil mixing for metals and salts. The work is complete and the site is in OM&M.

Technical Milestones

  • An extensive, 240-borehole sampling program conducted in 1998 characterized the site, setting the stage for remedy negotiations for a voluntary cleanup under the provisions of Louisiana Statewide Order 29b.
  • In 2000 approximately 25,000 bbl of sludge was removed along with tanks, vessels and debris left over from the former operation.
  • Soil remediation for metals and TPH was achieved by vertical mixing with excavators and other heavy equipment.
  • Salt contamination was addressed using chemical amendments and organic bulking material combined with soil mixing.
  • Periodic maintenance includes disking to maintain percolation which enhances sodium remediation.
  • Groundwater monitoring includes testing of shallow and drinking water aquifer wells.
  • All areas are in compliance for metals and TPH.
  • Periodic soil sampling is performed as per 29B requirements for salts.

Stakeholder Relations

Community leaders, elected officials and the State of Louisiana cooperated with the MAR group to work out a scope and timetable for the work. The public relations campaign implemented to map out the process and progress was instrumental in the success of the project. Periodic updates were provided to the community through the nearby community of Cankton, LA, which serves to maintain good relations as the project continues through the O&M period.