Brine Services Superfund Site

Location Corpus Christi, TX Regulatory Jurisdiction EPA

Former oilfield waste disposal site where PNL performs as Project Coordinator overseeing and managing the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study

PNL Role
PNL is the project coordinator for the site working between the private parties funding the work and the EPA. PNL performs oversight of environmental contractors performing the work on behalf of the private parties as well as interfaces with adjacent landowners for access and investigation work.

The Brine Services Superfund Site consists of a former oilfield waste and brine disposal site located in an industrial area near Corpus Christi Bay. The disposal pits contained various hydrocarbon wastes and were subsequently covered and closed to the standard of the day. During installation of petroleum product pipelines, hydrocarbon impacted soils were uncovered leading to listing of the site on the National Priority List.

The site is currently in the Remedial Investigation phase whereby surface and subsurface data is compiled to evaluate the risks to human health and the environment. In early 2012, the site went through the second round of sampling for the Remedial Investigation leading to a Feasibility Study outlining the range of possible remedial alternatives appropriate for the site.

Technical Milestones

  • Phase I site investigation for RI/FS work completed by contractors (URS)
  • Phase II site investigation performed in First Quarter 2012
  • Ongoing management of site investigation and RI/FS process