BKK Landfill

Location West Covina, CA Regulatory Jurisdiction DTSC

Example of a major, Responsible Parties-funded, $500MM landfill cap and gas collection landfill closure project led and managed by PNL staff

PNL Role
PNL worked as the RPs’ project coordinator for the BKK landfill closure and O&M work in West Covina, CA. We assisted the RPs in SOW negotiations and in the resource selection process for long-term site management.

The BKK landfill is located in the southern portion of the City of West Covina, California at the western end of the San Jose Hills. The site originally consisted of approximately 583 acres of rural land. The site now consists of Class I and Class III landfills of 190 and 160 acres, respectively, on the central portion of the property.

A large group of responsible parties (50+) is funding the closure of the Class I landfill, and from 2004 to 2019, Project Navigator, Ltd. performed as the RP group’s lead project manager, contractor oversight PM, and DTSC technical interface. In this role, PNL managed an onsite team of companies such as SCS Engineers and Geosyntec. Massive effort has been devoted to technical negotiations with DTSC as the lead agency.

PNL’s wide-ranging project oversight and budgetary control activities included:

  • Managing the work of many contractors, including SCS Engineers and Geosyntec Consultants. Involved both office and field work.
  • Team Leader – Devising and maintaining the overall remedial strategy, manages budgets, schedules and scopes, as well as product quality. Providing annual cost and schedule forecasts and projections. Managing over 200 people on the project, and liaison for all interaction with DTSC.
  • Strategically evaluating cost drivers and operational costs.
  • Reviewing Work Authorizations (WAs). Making remedial/strategy presentations to RPs.
  • Reviewing/(challenging) monthly invoicing and providing summary and recommendations for payment to the BKK Working Group.