BHP San Manuel Site

Location San Manuel, AZ Regulatory Jurisdiction
PNL Role
In Q4 2022, BHP selected Project Navigator, Ltd. to manage and facilitate an RFP process to select a renewable energy developer for the origination and development of a 145MWac utility-scale PV solar power installation at BHP’s former mine site located in San Manuel, Arizona.

PNL worked closely with BHP to:

  • Define the specific location at BHP’s San Manual Site most suitable for building a PV solar installation.
  • Perform power generation capacity calculations based on the identified suitable BHP-owned acreage and irradiation studies for the location.
  • Determine BHP’s preferred mechanism / financial elements for the project (e.g., pure land lease to developer, BHP financial investment, tax equity considerations, solar renewable energy credits [SRECs], etc.).

Once the proposed scale of the PV solar installation and BHP’s preferred business strategy and approach was identified, PNL proceeded to:

  • Identify and evaluate the suitability of PV solar developer candidates, taking into account BHP’s priorities regarding the characteristics they seek in a business partner.
  • Prepare an RFP in collaboration with the BHP team.
  • Issue the RFP to a select subset of qualified developers.
  • Evaluate and rank submitted proposals.
  • Conduct developer candidate interviews.
  • Recommend the best-suited developer to BHP.

With the developer identified, BHP is moving forward with negotiating terms with the developer identified by the RFP selection process.