Malone 2017 Summary Update

  • PNL provided Project Coordination, Remedial Action Construction Management and Health and Safety oversight through the entire RA at the Malone Service Company Superfund Site.
  • A large portion of the 3+ year Remedial Action was completed throughout 2017, including construction of a 30 acre RCRA “C” equivalent Cell, solidification of over 300K cubic yards of hydrocarbon sludge and placement within the Cell followed by construction of a RCRA “C” equivalent cap.
  • Over 60,tons of riprap was delivered and placed along the banks of Swan Lake in Lower Galveston by as shoreline protection for the Cell.
  • During the entire Remedial Action over 40 million gallons of contact storm water was managed and disposed of through the two on-site permitted injection wells.
  • PNL held the Final Remedial Action Site Inspection with EPA and TCEQ in December 2017.
  • PNL continues to manage O&M activities at the Site such as Cell maintenance/monitoring, leachate management/disposal, groundwater monitoring and stormwater monitoring.