Hinkley 2017 Summary Update

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) performs as the Independent Review Panel (IRP) Manager at PG&E’s Cr(VI) groundwater remediation project in Hinkley, CA. The IRP Manager’s role is one of technical outreach, communication and facilitation within the myriad of project stakeholders; who range from PG&E, to the Water Board, to individual community members, seeking technical information. Newsletters prepared by PNL are issued to the Hinkley Community bimonthly, and contain project technical information, frequently asked questions, notices of upcoming meetings, office hours, and Community announcements. Click here to see the latest version of the newsletter.

PNL staff brief the Hinkley Community at quarterly meetings at the Hinkley Senior and Community Center. PNL also holds office hours three times each month, providing residents the opportunity to ask questions regarding the large and groundwater remediation efforts, and a PG&E-funded, but independently managed, separate USGS groundwater investigation. PNL in Hinkley has a dedicated library with all the necessary visual information to explain each aspect of PG&E’s Remediation Program and the USGS Cr(VI) Background Study. Click here for an image of the IRP Manager’s back room library. The USGS Study will determine the natural level(s) of Cr(VI) in groundwater throughout the Hinkley Valley. Regular Technical Exchange meetings are led by PNL staff.