Health & Safety

PNL adopts and actively uses a behavioral-based strategy to minimize loss. This method reaps benefits by reducing personal injury, addressing safety problems and by eliminating business inefficiencies. Behavioral-based safety management encourages Near Miss reporting and safe performance by self assessment as a supplement to mandatory procedures and safe practices. Stop work authority is given to all personnel onsite, and acting on that authority is mandated.

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PNL hosts safety tips at our site.

Safety compliance is accomplished by input and engagement of all project personnel to include the following:

  • Risk management
  • HASP compliance
  • Leadership
  • Employee involvement
  • Stop work authority
  • Appropriate training
  • Hazard analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Program assessment
  • Reporting & communication

PNL’s Safety Management Program is summarized below.

  • Written program
  • Appropriate training
  • Daily toolbox and subcontractor coordination meetings
  • Perform a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) before performing the work
  • Create, utilize and update a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for each task performed
  • Self assessment: Assess the risk, Analyze how to reduce the risk, and Act to ensure safe operations
  • Reporting of ALL near misses
  • Incident investigation, corrective action follow-up, and reporting back to employees
  • Subcontractor pre-selection: Only work with those who have a safety program and statistics to prove their success
  • Every person on site is given Stop Work Authority
  • Task observations and trend reporting
  • If it isn’t safe, don’t do it!

PNL incorporates its health & safety policies within our Corporate Health & Safety Plan, which we continually modify as appropriate. PNL fosters a continuous improvement culture by establishing communication channels, accountabilities and responsibilities. We work to ensure competence, training and awareness throughout our organization.