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Solar Power

Solar Power Project Development

Project Navigator, Ltd. has expertise, gained since 2007, in the assessment, and development planning for solar power projects. We are able to manage a solar project from conception to completion. See our solar development solutions at PVNavigator, LLC.

PNL’s recent work for both fee paying clients and joint venture partners has been in the areas of project siting studies, environmental permitting, project conceptual design and overall project feasibility study economics.

We have especially focused on evaluating the potential of siting solar projects on inner city urban land close to transmission capacity and load.

We are expert on the planning and development of solar projects on capped landfills, where our solar experts work in partnership with PNL’s landfill remediation engineers.

Solar on Landfills (and Associated Tailings, Slag or Coal Combustion Residuals Sites)

Since our founding in 1997, Project Navigator, Ltd. has operated a landfill closure project management group. Our Team has a rigorous understanding of landfill closure engineering, and approaches for post-closure site development. PNL has specialized in one particular approach…namely the permitting, design and development of photovoltaic (PV) solar power installations on the engineered caps of closed landfill sites.

PNL Understands Landfills
Solar on Landfills

Project Navigator, Ltd. Performs in the Solar Business Space in Two Distinct Ways

  1. As a project originator, owner and developer, and
  2. As a consulting resource to larger, utility-scale solar developers or landowners who own environmentally impacted sites, which could be solar-developed.

Development Projects

To date, Project Navigator, Ltd. has performed as an owner, developer and investor in 6.2MW of installed PV generating capacity at landfill sites in Southern California and New Jersey.

Somerdale Road Landfill Gloucester Township, NJ
Project Navigator, Ltd. served as the primary developer, and was responsible for permitting, interconnection, structuring the power sales option, and completing the qualifications for renewable energy credits (RECs). The project was ultimately sold to, and is now managed by, Marina Energy.

Milliken Sanitary Landfill Ontario, CA
Project Navigator, Ltd., as site sourcing partner to sister company, TerraNavigator, performed all site leasing arrangements, permitting (e.g. EIR), and negotiated and entered into interconnection and power sales agreements with Southern California Edison. In 2017, the solar development was transferred entirely to TerraNavigator. View photos of the construction process in our video montage and in one of our talks.

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Development Services & Consulting

Project Navigator, Ltd. consults for landowners and utility scale solar developers on the feasibility of developing PV solar installations on environmentally impacted land tracts or remediation project sites, such as landfills.