sediments and sludges

Sediments & Sludges

Project Navigator specializes in sediments and sludges management, coordination and logistics, particularly on the political and technical aspects of major projects in Louisiana, Texas and California. We are especially experienced at managing complex sites when there are multiple responsible parties. PNL has assessed and managed millions of cubic yards of impacted materials in cost-effective programs. We are also expert in communicating our plans and the results of our work to regulators, business owners, and local community stakeholders.

Services for sediments and sludges projects include the following:

  • Multi-party site project management, coordination and logistics
  • Sludges and sediments management logistics
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Data mining and visualization
  • Planning and strategy
  • Data gaps, site assessment, and site conceptual models
  • Risk-based site closure planning
  • Bid package formulation, bid analysis and resource selection
  • Community relations
  • Project controls: cost and schedule
  • Groundwater planning and management
  • Health and safety
  • Database construction and management
  • Design and remedial construction oversight
  • Visual communications and model building

We are proud of our sludge management and remediation track record established at sites in a variety of geographies. We have devised solutions at projects located in rural Louisiana to urban Los Angeles, as described in the following:

Below is a list of documents, articles and links containing guidance and information on sludges and sediments.

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