project strategy and consulting

Project Strategy & Consulting

At Project Navigator, we assist clients’ project teams in developing project pathways that maximize our clients’ interests while minimizing execution risk. Global goals are defined, and alternative pathways to achieving the goals are analyzed. One of our main goals is to save the client money, far in excess of the fees we incur. Project planning is always performed in close collaboration with the client.

Once a strategy has been iteratively determined with the clients, we manage the strategy’s actual execution. The execution phase may involve project negotiations with a regulatory body or actual management of the design and/or construction.

Project Navigator is very different from most environmental consulting firms in that we do not employ a lot of professionals and technicians to do all of the routine work involved in conducting a full RI/FS or detailed remedial design.

Instead, our highly experienced staff is geared to provide the highest level of consulting to help clients develop the basic strategy to resolve major environmental issues in the most cost-effective way; while assuring that health and environmental protection are adequately protected.


  • At the OII Landfill Superfund Site in Monterey Park, CA, we assisted the PRP’s with the lowest risk construction execution strategy for the cover and gas collection system.
  • At the Waste Disposal, Inc. Superfund Site in Santa Fe Springs, CA, we have assisted the PRP’s in ROD and Consent Decree negotiations with US EPA, and have also provided field management services.
  • At an oil field site in Louisiana, we have worked on the logistics of soils movement and treatment using GIS techniques.