cercla environmental remediation project management

Project Management & Coordination

For two decades, Project Navigator has provided project management and coordination services for some of the largest Superfund and remediation projects in the country. Project Navigator’s operating philosophy is to proactively and cost-effectively assess environmental scenarios, such that any environmental hurdles, which may stand in the business pathway between a site’s current conditions and its planned end use, are identified and scoped with associated recommendations on how to mitigate potential concern(s).

Client benefits include:

  • Reduces owner’s time involvement in non-core activity.
  • Assures that consultant and contractor activities are highly focused.
  • Assures that the remedy will cost-effectively and adequately protect health and the environment.
  • Facilitates regulator and public cooperative involvement in the process and the remedy selection.
  • Eliminates cost or schedule surprises.

Our key strengths are water and sediment assessment, transport modeling, environmental impacts assessments, project management, project reporting, health and safety, and data visualization and interpretation.

Project Navigator specializes in the following project management and development services:

  • Cost estimates for remediation and construction
  • Cost probabilistic analysis
  • Construction planning and oversight
  • Project scheduling and logistics
  • Project cost forecasting
  • Project decision tree analysis
  • Past cost expenditures review
  • Value engineering
  • Design
  • Project construction visualization and animation
  • Technology evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Data analysis via Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Community relations
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) oversight
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Bidding and procurement management
  • Regulatory negotiations and strategy