multiparty superfund remediation

Multiparty Superfund Remediation

PNL has lead responsibility at major Superfund projects around the country where the budgets for remediation often exceed $100MM’s. We are highly experienced and manage thousands of acres of multiparty remediation sites. We have managed and coordinated hundreds of PRPs with some groups exceeding 200 members. The majority of these projects have involved scores of PRPs and had large budgets.

Integrated services we provide for multiparty Superfund projects include the following:

  • Meetings organization and facilitation
  • Group fund tracking and disbursements management
  • Consulting resources oversight
  • Value engineering
  • Cost, scope, schedule and action items controls
  • Strategy development, options creation
  • Communication, information distribution
  • Presentations and project visualization
  • Politically savvy, diplomacy, relationships
  • Client technical and legal interaction
  • Regulatory agencies interface and reporting