Environmental Site Assessments

“What are the conditions of the site?” is a typical question asked by clients. PNL can answer this question. Clients have a need to quickly assimilate and understand project data for strategic decision making. PNL understands the clients’ needs in such a situation, and has developed a strong track record in providing insightful, cost-effective site assessments. Our report product is understandable, making extensive use of graphics and visualizations, assesses the confidence of the site conceptual model, and also discusses strategic implications.

  • Phase I and Phase II assessments
  • Extensive use of GIS and aerial photo interpretation techniques
  • Familiarity with ASTM standard practices for site assessments
  • Experience with single-site and multi-site projects
  • Assessments performed for:
    • Real estate transactions
    • Insurance claim support
    • Regulatory agency response
    • Litigation support
  • Phase I and Phase II implications analysis:
    • Strategy
    • Regulatory risks
    • Probabilistic cost forecasting