advocacy, negotiations and relationshiops

Advocacy, Negotiations & Relationships

Regulatory Negotiations Support

Our team has extensive experience in helping our clients negotiate complex agreements with States and U.S. EPA. Our staff has a high level of experience in working with EPA various regional EPA offices and local officials.

Negotiations support tasks we have performed include:

  • Managing initial negotiations with regulatory bodies on the RPs’ receipt of demand letters
  • SOW interface with regulatory PMs
  • Managing and coordinating information flow to our clients during real time negotiations
  • Technical negotiation strategy development
  • Maintaining a Regulatory Reporting system for key project status to regulatory stakeholders

Case Studies

  • PNL helped a major site RP group with onsite RD support as well as EPA negotiations support.
  • PNL formulated a creative deal structure where, in return for EPA forgiving past costs, the PRP group would consider building site improvements beyond the remedy scope. The proposed improvements were of a recreational nature, such as soccer fields. PNL formulated this plan, performed a cost/benefit analysis, and then led negotiations on behalf of the PRPs with EPA, DOJ, local official, and community leaders.
  • In a coastal community, PNL evaluated how wetlands features could be built into a sludges containment remedial solution.

Stakeholder Relationships

The Project Navigator team is skilled and experienced at communicating project information to both large and small community groups. We recognize the importance of maintaining strong relationships with communities throughout a site’s land conveyance process to subsequent reuse. We are currently working on major, complex, (sometimes contentious), remediation and redevelopment projects where respectful, understandable, open communication with local business, school, and community stakeholders is crucial. Our work on all of these projects is performed for Fortune 100 companies.

For example, in our public outreach and community interface role, we have recently performed the following functions:

  • Hosted public information meetings.
  • Turn-keyed an entire community survey process.
  • Created and maintained a public information website that provided site-related information and current site activities. One example of this is the community website for the Ascon Landfill,
  • Briefed high school students, staff, and businesses surrounding a remediation and redevelopment on site conditions, data and work plans.
  • Created physical scale models that can help the community more immediately understand a project.
  • Created technically accurate, but visually appealing project explanation graphics that can be used in public forums to leave a lasting project visual in stakeholders’ minds.
  • Continually worked to build and improve stakeholder relationships on behalf of our Fortune 100 clients.