Project Navigator, Ltd. has joined Verdantas

As of April 1, 2024, Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) has joined Verdantas, LLC.

This union will allow for the integration of PNL’s strengths and capabilities with more than 1,200 environmental scientists, engineers, and technical experts in more than 50 offices throughout the United States. This new collaboration is guided by a shared vision—to innovatively solve our PRP clients’ challenges, especially in the arena of CERCLA and RCRA regulated remediation projects.

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$3 million awarded for project that could help clean contaminated site in Harrison County

PNL’s Marc Ferries, P.E. is the Environmental Trustee of the Reichhold Environmental Response Trust (between U.S. DOJ, Mississippi DEQ & PNL) responsible for the remediation of a former Reichhold facility in Gulfport, MS. PNL has been working with the project stakeholders to remediate the site in response the site impacts conditions described in the above PNL Conceptual Site Model (CSM). Good news has just arrived that the project will be securing extra funds for the clean-up.

In addition, PNL’s sister company, PVNavigator, LLC, working in collaboration with BREG, is in the planning process to install a utility-scale PV solar facility on part of the site.

CERCLA Multi-party PRP Sites Management Services

Project Navigator, Ltd. is contracted by a Fortune 100 Client to represent their interests at a portfolio of CERCLA sites managed under EPA’s Superfund program. These types of multi-party sites commonly have many corporations involved that share in the oversight, cost, and implementation of investigations and corrective actions to remediate former commercial facilities. 

As the Client’s representative, PNL routinely participates in project calls, reviews documents as appropriate, tracks budgets, reviews risks and schedules, monitors media and protects the Client’s liability. In this role, PNL performs as an extension of the Client’s in-house technical team delivering expert-level project management resources and free up internal department staff to focus their involvement on higher priority environmental projects and risks.

Presentation at ExxonMobil, Spring, TX to the Surplus Property Roundtable (SPR) Membership: Data Viz & AI

PNL staff discussed data and information visualization techniques for enabling progress at technically and strategically challenging remediation projects. The growing role and uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in site remediation business-space was also discussed. The AI discussion was presented in collaboration with Professor Vedhus Hoskere, Ph.D. of the University of Houston’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.  Information on the SPR and its corporate membership is at The joint presentation of PNL and Professor Hoskere is here.  More on Professor Hoskere’s research on AI applications in the built environment is at  

Pilot Testing at Ascon Landfill, Huntington Beach, CA

PNL continues with project management and coordination duties on behalf of the Ascon Site Responsible Parties. Recent activities have been the planning, coordination and implementation of two pilot projects to assist decision-making on final remedy implementation. Engineering Misting Containment (EMC) has been designed and deployed to assist in odors’ controls, while SVE piloting at select site locations is testing the capability of the technology to remove odorous VOC-mass.

More on work activities and progress on the overall project is at