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Who We Are

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) is an environmental project management and consulting firm. PNL works on the coordination and management of CERCLA & RCRA sites for potentially responsible parties (PRPs). Our focus is on scope, schedule, costs and risk mitigation controls. Our corporate headquarters is in Tustin, California. Other offices are in Houston, Texas and North Carolina.

In addition to delivering traditional project management, coordination and engineering services, PNL also formulates creative visualized-work products from voluminous project information and data. Such renderings allow PRP clients to present complex issues in an understandable fashion, increasing trust with other stakeholders, and often changing the direction of challenging projects.

Our Hypothesis-Driven Problem-Solving Culture

Our operating culture is focused on a presumptive remedy problem solving approach using GIS and 3D graphics visualization tools to frame project solutions. Visual renderings of project data and solutions are then used in brainstorming sessions with the clients. Much can be learned about which project strategy to pursue, even with minimal data. The hypothesis-driven approach stands in stark contrast to much of the consulting world which a (less cost-effective?) deductive approach is practiced…i.e., the implication being that with more data (and expense) the remedial solution can be defined more quickly.


Project Navigator, Ltd. was founded in 1997. PNL initially worked on CERCLA projects in Southern California, but since the early 2000’s has expanded to managing CERCLA and State-enforced remediation projects along the Gulf and East Coasts.  

PVNavigator, LLC is PNL’s sister company providing PV solar development services to site owners, as well as developing MW-utility-scale PV installations on environmentally impacted sites, such as closed landfills.