• Site At-a-Glance

Bayou d'Inde

PNL's Role

  • Project Coordinator for the Bayou d'Inde Area A Group
  • Assisted the formation of the PRP Group, and currently oversees the work of the remedy Design Engineer
  • PNL will lead the selection and oversight of the Group's remedial contractor, oversight of remedial construction, negotiation of access agreements, and coordination with US-EPA and LDEQ
  • Coordinate obtaining access agreements with local property owners along the Bayou
  • Provide public meetings and communications with local officials, manage the finances, and coordinate all reporting

Project Description

The remediation of sediments at the Bayou d'Inde Area A Site in Louisiana was overseen by Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) for a multi-party party PRP group. The work included the design and implementation of an in-situ, sub-aqueous capping remedy in two areas of the Bayou. One area was capped using 36,000 square yards of articulated concrete block matting and a second area of about 16 acres was covered with at least 6-inches of clean sand. Before ACBM (articulated concrete block matting) capping, divers cleared subsurface debris, tree stumps and other material which could damage the cap. ACBM panels were fabricated to fit in specific areas, placed in the bayou and connected underwater. The ACBM was then filled with concrete to complete the capping. For the sand cap area, sand was mixed with water to create a slurry and pumped through a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline to the sprayer barges. Work was safely completed on-schedule and on-budget. Ongoing O&M activities are managed by PNL.


ACBM Prep ACBM Placement ACBM in place
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